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The company ZS-AG is a private share holder company. The foundation of the company was June 19, 1999. The company has the follow main goal:
 · Consulting in the dairy and cow business
 · Treat and export bovine semen and bovine embryos
 · Communication and marketing in the dairy science and for dairy shows
 · Cattle and breeding development projects worldwide
    - In Kyrgyzstan we have a project in collaboration with Helvetas and the
      Swiss government development office (DEZA).
    - Consultency from different Worldbank projects
    - In Russia we have a consulting contract with a private farmer (Management of the farm).

ZS-AG it's the largest semen export company from Switzerland. Also we exported semen to Russia, France, Germany, England, Brasil, Kyrgyzstan, Ireland, Mexico, Polen, Grece, Littauen, Portugal, etc.

We are member of the Trade organisation of Swiss cattle export Office.

The inclement environmental conditions and keeping the livestock up in the alps, left their mark on the Swiss Genetic and as a result of the natural selection and the  breeding work of our mountain dwellers, an excellent breed resulted, much appreciated and in demand in foreign countries as well.
Let the swiss semen be a part of your succes!

Call us and let's talk about cows.

Kasernenstrasse 97
Postfach 355
CH 7007 Chur (Switzerland)
Phone: +41 (0)81 250 77 27
Fax: +41 (0)81 250 77 28

ZS-AG  -   Kasernenstrasse 97  -   Postfach 355  -   7007 Chur  -   +41 (0)81 250 77 27